Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg


Sozialpsychologie (Bachelor)

The Module Social Psychology as part of the Bachelor studies is to provide the student with a wide overview on the topic as well as with more profound learning in specific fields of Knowledge.

In order to get a degree in the Module the student needs to participate in the lecture and at least one seminar on a regular basis. The seminars are for intensifying specific fields of knowledge.

Depending on the staff available, three seminars from the fields of Social Cognition, Group Research and Applied Social Psychology are on schedule each term three and four. For completing Module Social Psychology, students will obtain a total of 8 ECTS.

The Module grade consists of the lecture grade by 2/3 and of the seminar grade by 1/3. Students have the chance to upgrade in term four by taking yet another seminar (provided they are admitted), although they already achieved grades for a seminar in term three.

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